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16-18 year old students

May 03, 2017

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Nicola* is currently studying Hair and Media Make Up Level 2. She is a single mother and was struggling with travel costs and study materials.

The Learning Revolution Trist has helped me continue my course as I can now afford the travel costs, lunch and equipment costs. I don't know what I would have done without it, it has really helped my daughter and I.

Elisa* is studying Humanities, Level 1. She is experiencing a lot of financial hardship as she does not receive any benefits. Her mum only works two hours every day and so they are surviving on a very low income. Her mum’s English is poor so she cannot find work easily.
They have very little money for basic needs and for Elisa to buy books, stationary etc. for studying.

“The support from the Learning Revolution Trust has helped me in many ways. It has enabled me to buy the equipment needed to continue my course as well as clothes and shoes for college. I am so thankful that I was one of the many students helped by this organisation. You are helping us to not give up on our goals and dreams by doing what you say “inspiring lives". Thank you!”

Martin* is currently enrolled on the Extended Diploma Course in Sports and Exercise and has excellent attendance levels. His mother is serving a sentence until October 2016 and so he and his siblings are being looked after by his grandmother. She receives little support and cannot work as she has to take care of Martin’s younger brother.

“The bursary has helped me pay for travel to college and buy food. . I'd like to thank the LRT for its support.”

Alexandra is currently enrolled on a Young Adults English Course. She is a single mum with a young baby and lives with her sister who is a university student. Her sister is currently supporting Alexandra with her student finance. Consequently she is experiencing severe hardship as it is becoming increasing difficult for three of them to manage on her sister’s income.

“The bursary has helped me buy the necessary material for my course and other basic needs. I will now be able to stay at college to finish my studies and one day pursue a career in childcare”

Raza is enrolled on an Advanced Diploma in Travel Services Course. He lives with his mother who unfortunately suffered a stroke and so is unable to continue working. Ahsan is working part-time and is using his mother’s savings to help pay the rent and utility bills but doesn’t have money for his college equipment or travel.

"The bursary helped when I was desperately in need and I am really thankful to the LRT”

Loia is currently enrolled on a Diploma in Humanities Programme. She is 17 years old and lives with her mum and two siblings. Her mother is on a very low income and struggles to pay the rent, household bills and support them all.

“I was totally surprised when I received this bursary. This will help me make a positive change in my life and will help me achieve my dreams. Thank you very much!”

David* is enrolled on BTEC Level 3 Sports.  He lives with his guardian and the family are experiencing a lot of financial hardship including having to be rehoused. . David does not receive benefits and day to day life is a struggle.

“The bursary will help me attend college so I can pass my course for next year. It will also enable me to buy additional resources which will help with my assignments and for a research project I will have to do next year.”

Alice* is enrolled on a Diploma in Humanities Programme. She is currently only supported by her dad who is a cleaner and on a low income. She has three siblings and the child benefit which her dad was using to support her was cut off.

“This bursary will help me a great deal through my educational path. It will enable me to complete my course successfully, help me to go to the Psychology University and one day became a successful businesswoman.  This bursary will help me to achieve my dream by becoming the first person in my family to go to University”

Martin* is currently enrolled on a Subsidiary Diploma Course in Sports and Exercise
He and his family have suffered financial and other difficulties. His mother is unable to work and receives no benefits. The family had to move out of there home into temporary accommodation.

“The LRT Fund has helped me continue my studies. It has enabled me to travel to college and also to buy a new laptop so I can complete my course work. It has also helped with basic costs such as buying food.”

* names changed to protect identity

What is the LRT?

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The Learning Revolution Trust is a charity that aims to remove the financial barriers to education faced by many people in East London.

Your donation will help ensure that people get the opportunity to access further education, no matter what financial barriers they face.

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