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Anwen Greenway

Oct 15, 2014

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Bespoke Tailoring Pre-Apprentice course level 1

Anwen Greenaway is studying tailoring on Newham College’s Bespoke Tailoring Pre-Apprentice course with the support of a bursary from The Learning Revolution Trust.

After school Anwen studied towards a performance qualification on the cello and a degree in music. On passing her degree she worked in the music industry for a number of years, first teaching the cello and then in music publishing.

While working, Anwen took a fashion portfolio course at the London College of Fashion where she developed a strong interest in tailoring, but when this course finished she was unable to afford the costs of further study and she returned to working full-time.

However, recent cuts to funding for music organisations and the demand for music publishing have prompted her to reassess her long term future, and she decided it was time to change career and retrain as a tailor.

Anwen says, "as soon as you start researching for tailoring courses, Newham College comes up, and the college courses are recommended on the Savile Row Bespoke Association website as well."

"I live outside London but the course at Newham College is unique and exactly what I need. Particularly with the cost of travelling, I knew that things would be financially very difficult, but I was determined to apply for the course."

"I realised I would not get a loan as I did for degree study, and saved a bit before I started. The fact that the Pre-Apprentice course is timetabled for three days a week makes a big difference, as I can work part-time on other days to help support myself while training – this fits really well. But returning to study would be a big and expensive step to take."

"A friend advised me to look for bursaries or grants from charities. As a result of my research Lord Iliffe provided me with a bursary through his Family Charitable Trust. This was paid via the Learning Revolution Trust, which then agreed to award me a second bursary."

"It’s wonderful to have the money for my tuition fees and some other expenses, and it’s so encouraging to have this support. The bursary has given me the confidence that I can really focus on my studies and progress directly to the next level in September, rather than having to break my studies to save more."

"It would be great if more businesses and employers could support training through the Learning Revolution Trust by sponsorship or by offering specific awards and bursaries."

I love my course and I’m learning a lot: I get expert teaching and there’s a great professional atmosphere on the course with all the students really keen to learn. The support from the Learning Revolution Trust has made all the difference to me, and I’m determined to be successful in my new career.’

Notes from a conversation 28/2/13

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