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Further Education

Jun 13, 2017

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Chinwe is studying an Access to Humanities - Law Course. She cannot obtain an Advanced Learning Loan from the Student Loan Company because of her residential status – she came to the UK several years ago but at present only has fixed leave – her partner is a UK national as are her two children aged 4 years and 20 months respectively – she will be applying for indefinite leave once her present visa expires in 2020. She was struggling to pay her fees.

“With very young children and a partner who is self-employed, it was very challenging financially to pay the tuition fees without some external help. I was very determined to do this course - it was my access to University and I wasn't going to let the opportunity slip just like that. I heard about the LRT and so applied. I was awarded some help towards my tuition fees.”

Louali was attending Level 3 Bespoke Tailoring fashion. Unfortunately she could not obtain an Advanced Learning Loan from the Student Loan Company because she previously had a loan from them in respect of an HE Course which she was not able to pay off because of ill-health. Although they agreed to write the balance off, they were not prepared to provide further funding (this was over ten years ago). She completed the Level 1 and Level 2 Bespoke Tailoring courses over the last two academic years. She was struggling with the fees for her course – she lives alone and strives to keep outgoings low. The LRT helped towards her tuition fees.

“I am so happy that I had the support from you as I have now achieved my level 3 and completed my work. Thank you again.”

Sara was studying an Access to Health Course. As she had not been resident in the UK for three years she was unable to obtain an Advanced Learner Loan from Student finance. As such she was struggling financially. Her ambition is to go on to university and to then seek employment in the health profession. The Learning Revolution Trust helped Sara towards her tuition fees.

“The bursary helped me to study and achieve my goal. Thank you LRT for the help that you gave me.”

Tatiana is studying A level Maths. She lives with her mother and two younger brothers. Her mother works and provides for the three children but it is a struggle financially. Tatiana’s ambition is to go to university and then train to become a civil engineer

“This bursary helped me a lot, to reach my goal in finishing A level maths. It has given me the opportunity to receive offers from top universities such as Bristol, Nottingham, Bath and Leeds. I am so grateful for your help!”

Samantha* is studying Access to Science. Unfortunately she cannot obtain student finance because of her residential status– she came to the UK in November 2014 and her visa is due to expire in August 2017. At that time she will be applying for indefinite leave to remain. She got married in April 2012 and her husband is a British Citizen.
She works on a part time basis which she does around her study. Samantha and her husband live with her husband’s parents who provide support. Neither Samra nor her husband claim any benefits so they are reliant on the income derived from her part time job and the family support. The LRT helped towards Samantha’s fees therefore alleviating some of the financial burden.

“The bursary has helped me a lot as I am unable to work full time due to studying and money is very tight”

Samra is studying a Level 3 Teaching Course at Newtec who deliver this training in partnership with Newham College. Samra previously Samra completed an Early Years Course at Level 2, directly with the College and which completed in February 2016.
She is unable to obtain student finance because of her fixed leave status – her fixed leave expires in July 2017 and at that time she will be making an application for permanent right of stay; her husband is British.

“Thanks to the LRT I have been able to continue with my studies.”

Shannon* is studying a CELTA course and so cannot claim learner support assistance.
She is a single parent of two dependent children. She has been earning a minimum wage so paying for the CELTA course has proven very difficult. Balancing family life with studies has impacted on the amount of income she is able to earn. She is a dedicated student who is determined to turn her life around. The LRT has helped pay towards her fees so that she has more income for daily costs.

“Without the help of the bursary I would never have been able to progress with my studies and by accepting the help of others it has made me become stronger within myself.”

Alice* is studying for The Award in Education and Training. She receives no funding for tuition fees.  She and her mother had saved but a few weeks into the course her mother became ill and the money saved had to go on other things as her mother was unable to work. Alice would like to become an English and Literature Teacher.

“The LRT has helped me out tremendously. I thought I would have to leave the course early.  Thanks to the LRT I am able to complete my course!! Thank you so much.”

Gloria* is studying an Access to Health Course. Although she has been resident in the UK for eleven years she cannot obtain a 24+ loan from the student loan company because of her current residential status.

She works part-time and receives working tax credit and child tax credit but she struggles to meet the daily expenses of life as well as having to pay for her tuition. She wants to complete her final year to obtain a final grade for entry to University. She hopes to pursue a career in midwifery.

“The LRT bursary has helped me so much and has made my dreams of becoming a midwife and having full time employment more tangible.”

Neil* has been a learner at the College over the last 4 academic years and has completed BTEC in Business. He is now studying AAT at Level 3. This course is not funded by the Student Finance so Neil is struggling to pay the fees himself. He is not able to apply for a 24+ advanced learning loan or other funding.  His mother was self employed but had to sell her business and since then has not been able to find work so she cannot help with his fees. Neil has had temporary work but nothing permanent.  The LRT is helping toward the cost of his course.

“The LRT has helped me stay on my course and pursue my dream of going to University to study Accounting and ultimately become a financial accountant.”

Susan* is currently studying Access to Law. She was having family related problems which caused her a great deal of stress and is now living temporarily with friends. As she is in full time education she cannot receive Job Seekers Allowance and is struggling to pay basic day to day living expenses. She is keen to achieve qualifications so she can improve her career prospects.

“The bursary has really helped with my travel and living expenses. Thank you to the Learning Revolution Trust for making my life a bit easier for me”.

Solomey* is studying Access to Health Sciences Diploma. She does not receive any financial assistance as her 24+ advanced loan was not approved. She is a single mum and works part-time to try and support herself and her 10 month old son.  However the child care costs whilst she studies and works  takes up most of her income. Her ambition is to become a podiatrist/chiropodist so she can be  financially secure and give herself and her son a better future. Without the help of the Learning Revolution Trust she could not afford the full tuition fees to complete the course and change hers and her son’s life.

“I really appreciate the LRT’s help. It has relieved a great deal of  worry for me so that I can really concentrate on my studies.  What was a dream is now becoming a reality.”

Folake* is studying Access to Health and Social Care Level 3. She has always wanted a better education but circumstances have prevented her from pursuing this. A mother of 5, Folake thrives to educate herself so she can provide a good standard of living for her children and be a good role model to them. In 2008 she tried to access education but a delay with her application with the Home Office prohibited this. Finally in 2012 she was granted Discretional Leave to remain in the UK as her children are British and she immediately applied for the course. However she faced another obstacle when she was rejected the 24+ advance learning loan to help fund her course on the grounds she does not have Indefinite Leave to Remain – this can take up to five years to obtain. Folake is a highly motivated and hardworking student and achieves 100% attendance. Folake’s mother helps look after the children so she can study.

“The money I received has made my future goals more tangible. My confidence has increased and I am able to focus on my studies. I am very grateful to the Learning Revolution Trust and I hope the charity will receive more support so it can continue to help students facing difficulties such as mine."

Leonardo* is studying Level 1 Humanities and Science. He had no fixed address which was causing him a great deal of stress and profoundly affected his studies. The LRT award has helped him find accommodation enabling him to concentrate on his studies.

Jack* is studying EAL Electrical Engineering level 3. He lives under Home Office Support. He was originally told he would not have to pay the fees for his course but once established on the course, he then discovered that this was a mistake and that he had been misinformed. He has no income or resources to pay the fees. The only financial help he receives is a weekly voucher of £35 for food. He believes that completing the course and gaining this qualification will significantly change his life.

“The bursary has helped me overcome major financial difficulties that were making my student life very difficult and therefore affecting my performance and attendance”.

Maria* is studying CELTA/PTTLS. When she first enrolled on the course she thought she would qualify for Learning Support Funding, not realising that it didn’t apply to Level 5 courses. Her estranged husband refused to help her pay the fees. She works part-time but her earnings are minimal and she has had to ask friends to help out. She has managed to pay some of the fees but was struggling to keep up with payments causing her a great deal of worry and stress.  She is an enthusiastic and determined student who has the potential to become a very good tutor.

“Being awarded the bursary was like receiving an early Christmas present. I was feeling more and more desperate each day worrying about how I would be able to pay the balance for my tuition fees. My CELTA course was nearing its end and there was still a substantial amount that I owed. Luckily my tutor made me aware of the Learning Revolution Trust. Now that my fees have been fully paid, I feel so relieved and so grateful for being a recipient of the bursary. There's a new confidence in me with the knowledge that I will soon be a qualified ESOL teacher, opening up potential job opportunities. Thank you LRT for believing in me and for supporting me to achieve my goal”.

Sharon Smith is studying Cache Level 3 Diploma for Children and Young People’s Workforce. She is a single mum of a very young daughter. She chose to study as she wants a better life for herself and her daughter. She hopes when she qualifies she can work as a childminder from home. Sharon has very little income and trying to make ends meet is a daily struggle. She does her best but sometimes feels she is fighting a loosing battle. On the little income she does have she struggles to pay utility and household bills, travel costs, course books and materials as well as food for her daughter and herself and other basic necessities. One of her biggest expenses is childcare. Although the college pays the cost of childcare on placement days it cannot help with childcare costs on college days.

“I want to express my immense gratitude to the Learning Revolution Trust for awarding me a bursary. This bursary is really going to help me be able to continue my course.”

Ruth Persada  is studying a BTEC Level 1 Engineering course. She receives learner support funding but no other financial help. The learner support funds do not stretch far and Ruth was really struggling to pay travel costs as well as buying necessary books and materials for her course.

“I really appreciate the financial support from the Learning Revolution Trust which will really help towards travel and equipment costs”

Candace* is studying Access to Higher Education – Diploma in Social Services. Her 24+ advanced loan was not approved so she does not receive any financial assistance. Because she is on a full time course she can only work part-time and found it a real struggle to support herself and her son. Once she paid childcare, travel costs and household bills there was very little money left.  The course is very important to her as she wants a better future for herself and her son.  She is an excellent student, very hardworking and focussed and maintains 100% attendance despite her struggles. She was worried she would not be able to continue the course because she could not afford to pay all of the fees. The Learning Revolution Trust helped by contributing towards her fees enabling her to remain on the course and giving her peace of mind that she could manage to pay the balance.

“I am so grateful to the Learning Revolution Trust. The help has given me total peace of mind so I can concentrate on my studies”

Creciany Campos is studying Level 3 Beauty Therapy. When she came to England in 2005 at the age of 25, she started working as a house keeper and delivery person.  She joined Newham College in 2013 as a Level 1 Beauty Therapy student and in 2014 progressed to Level 2. She applied for a 24+ loan but was refused. She doesn’t receive any benefits and does odd cleaning jobs to try and earn some extra money. Her husband tries to support her but after rent, food and providing for their son as well as the materials needed for Creciany’s course there is very little money left. As such she was struggling to meet the tuition fees. She is a very enthusiastic student with 100% attendance and punctuality. The Learning Revolution Trust contributed towards her fees enabling her to concentrate on her studies and enter into an instalment plan for the difference.

“The bursary will help me finish my course, without I would probably have had to abandon the course. I am very grateful for this help and am so happy because now I can become a professional beauty therapist and plan for a better future. Thank you so much!”

Karlene Vassell is studying Access to Business Management.  She was not eligible for government finance as she has not been in the country for 3 years. Her husband lost his job so she is the sole earner in the household. She works part-time and as much as possible around her studies. The LRT helped towards her tuition fees enabling her to focus on her goal of achieving distinctions in her studies and going onto University.

“The LRT support has been so helpful to me because now I can manage my payments towards my tuition fees and can complete my course. Thank you”


 *Name changed to protect identity

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