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Young Learners in Care and Care Leavers

Oct 15, 2013

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Within Newham there are approximately 150 potential learners in care or leaving care between the ages of 16-18. Statistically it is known that care leavers are more likely to have poor GCSE results, literacy problems and be in the judicial system than any other group of young people. Research shows that encouraging them to stay in education and training in order to improve their skills and qualifications is key to improving outcomes.

Below are case studies of some of the young learners in care and care leavers supported by the Learning Revolution Trust. The Trust has given them the opportunity to access and benefit from further education in circumstances where they were unable to do so because of financial hardship or lack of family support.

Annie* lives by herself and has to support herself totally as she does not receive any benefits. She works part-time but does not earn enough to both pay her bills and afford basic costs. The LRT bursary will help towards the basic costs of living until she finds alternative/additional work.

“The money from the LRT will help me keep paying my bills until I find another par- time job to complement the one that I already have.  I am confident that I will get another job soon.”

Matthew* suffered from severe anger and depression as a child and young adult which led to his family not wanting him at home around younger siblings. He was in supported housing from the age of 17 and is currently living in a hostel, but struggling financially. He really wants to succeed in life and is studying BTEC Electrical Engineering level 3. Thanks to the Learning Revolution Trust he now receives money to cover his travel to college and lunch! He hopes to go to University to study Design Engineering.

Matthew says: “This money has helped me a lot, especially when it comes to food and travel.”

Jane* was being looked after by family friends and is now living on her own. She has completed Health and Social care level 1 and is now studying level 2. With the help of a Learning Revolution Trust bursary she can buy necessary text books and other equipment for her course work. She loves her course and hopes to continue studying and realise her dream of becoming a doctor.

Jane says “Without the financial help from LRT my day to day life would be a struggle”.

Shafiqullah* left foster care 8 months ago. He is now living in assisted housing and support from the Learning Revolution Trust will help pay for food and books. He is doing a BTEC Science level 3 and is producing some outstanding coursework. He plans to continue his studies and become a pharmacist.

Emma’s* pregnancy caused major problems at home so she had to move to a hostel. She is studying BTEC Engineering level 3. The money she receives from the Learning Revolution Trust will go towards childcare and travel costs. She would ultimately like to go to university to study Electrical Engineering.

Jennifer’s father passed away when she was young. She initially lived with her uncle, but the situation was difficult and she was in care from the age of 13. She is now 19 and living in supported housing. She is studying BTEC Science level 3. She does not have enough money for food, books and travel to college, so she will use the Learning Revolution Trust funding to pay for these and also to get internet access so she can complete course work at home. She would like to continue studies and go to university to study Forensic Psychology.

Sarah*, a refugee, with no family here was in care from the age of 15. She is now 19 and in supported housing. She is doing a Legal Secretarial course level 2. The bursary helps towards bills and day to day living. Sarah* says: “The money from the Learning Revolution Trust has made me more financially stable. It was incredibly hard before”.

Isla* is studying Business Studies – Level 2.  She previously attended another college but due to her difficult external circumstances was unable to complete the course. She understands the importance of education and despite her issues she remains focussed and is a dedicated and keen learner. Her  attendance and academic progression are well above the college benchmark. Isla aims to progress to Level 3, then on to university and is considering working in accountancy.

“This bursary has helped me a lot as I can now buy the books and materials I need for college which I simply could not afford. I would like to thank the Learning Revolution Trust for its support”.

Kabir Ahmed is studying Electrical Engineering course -  Level 3. Kabir has been in the care of social services following a very traumatic separation from his family. He has had to overcome psychological and emotional trauma but has remained focused on his course. He is a student with high aspirations to become an electrical engineer and would like to progress to university. Despite many challenges he has demonstrated a keen thirst for knowledge, is always very prompt in submitting his assignments and has been described as an excellent student. Kabir has demonstrated commitment on the course, rising against all odds to the academic challenges. The LRT bursary has helped him with the costs of books and travel.

Aid Ara is currently studying 1F-CERT-P-PPYA-A-S Level 1.  Aid currently receives support from Social Services. He has an unwavering commitment to his education. He is an exemplary student whose  behaviour is impeccable and encourages a conducive learning environment. His aim is to become a motor mechanic. His commitment  and dedication is admirable considering his background. The LRT bursary has helped him with the basic costs of living.

Frewoyne Michael is studying 1F-CERTP-P-PPYA-A-S   Level 1.  Frewoyne has had a very difficult childhood. She has had various challenges as a result of this which culminated in her migration to the United Kingdom. Frewoyne is looked after by Social Services. She has had very unstable relationships that have affected her. Despite this Frewoyne demonstrates a tenacity to succeed and this has endeared her to her teachers. She is a very hardworking and pleasant student  and produces work that is beyond her current level. Her punctuality is 100% and she is the best behaved person in the class demonstrating excellent leadership qualities. Frewoyne would like to study humanities at University. The LRT bursary has helped her with the costs of books and travel.

Sienna* is from Pakistan. She had a difficult childhood and was looked after by social services.

“The bursary has helped me in many ways. I have bought books for my course as well as equipment and clothes for college.  I had very little before. The bursary has helped me believe in my self and to never give up.”

*Name changed to protect identity

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