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Young Athletes Funded by the LRT

Oct 15, 2013

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Here are some of the talented Young Athletes guided under the Tessa Sanderson Foundation & Academy who are being funded by the Learning Revolution Trust:


Stuart Lee – 17 - Karate Stuart Lee is a student of NewVic and lives in East London. He regularly competes for Great Britain in competitions here and abroad. However he has no source of funding and his parents are struggling with the costs of his sport. Stuart’s expenses include travelling to and from training, dojo fees, accommodation, supplements, equipment and competition costs. The ultimate aim is for him to compete in the internationals in Rio. The LRT funding will help towards training fees for a year.

Asher Roberts – 16 – CricketAsher started playing for his district club u13 at the age of 10. He was then spotted to play for Catford Cyphers Cricket Club. He played for the u15 team and was then selected to play for the adult team 3rd/4th. Among his achievements are the ECB young Leaders Award (England Cricket Board), First Aid, Groundmanship, Coaching and Scoring. He is also attending Level2 sports coaching course which is a recognised certificate. Asher wants to finish his fulltime education and his ambition is to be scouted for the Surrey County Cricket Club and ultimately to be picked for the England Cricket Team. His coach believes Asher is a passionate and talented cricketer and with the right equipment and support could be the adult cricketer he wants to be reaching his dreams to play for Surrey County or the England Cricket Team. Asher has no financial support. His mum is a single parent and works part time to make ends meet.  He has to travel long distances to train in nets in the winter. The LRT bursary will help with some training costs and other expenses.

“I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Learning Revolution Trust for your financial support towards my cricketing career. This will help me immensely towards achieving my goal of becoming a professional cricketer. The funds will enable me to purchase necessary equipment and to sign up for my umpiring and scoring level 1 with the England and Wales Cricket Board.”

Ruqsana-BegumRuqsana Begum - 29 - Kickboxing Ruqsana is a kick boxing World bronze medallist and is ranked No 1 in the UK.  She will be fighting for her World championship title in April and is currently captain of Team GB Kickboxing Team. She is currently supported by her parents and does some part time personal training to help finance her sport.  Her coach has also helped by travelling back and forth to help her train and prepare for her competitions. Ruqsana lives in Ilford but trains in Newham and other parts of London where there are good facilities to train. The LRT bursary will help towards the cost of her training and equipment for the World Championships and towards her travel expenses.

Aisa KajoukAisa Kajouk - 17 years old - Gymnastics - Aisa has lived in Newham for 3 years. She studies at Newham College and trains at Beckton Gymnastics club.  She trains up to 22 hrs per week.  She is one of the best gymnasts at the Beckton club and has fantastic potential to become great in this sport. 

Over the next 12 months her training and travel expenses will be rather high due to travelling back and forth to Hungary. 

As a gymnast, she also incurs competition fees as well as costs for nutritional meals and equipment such as tracksuits, competition leotards and handguards.

The LRT funding will help with these costs.

“Thank you to the LRT for this opportunity. It will be a relief not to have to worry financially about my competitions!”

Eva GlioseryteEva Gliozeryte - 16 years old- Swimming

Eva belongs to Newham and UEL swimming club. She has exceptional talent and was record holder in 200m Freestyle at 13 for her native country Lithuanian. She is also champion at 50m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle and 100m Freestyle.  Eva studies at New Vic and is looking to gain a Sports Science Degree in Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Biomechanics.

Eva is looking to represent the Borough of Newham for swimming at the highest possible level. Her aim is to make the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

The financial support from the LRT will help towards entry fees for competitions and will give her the opportunity to go to more events and to attend international meets where she can obtain qualifying times. It will also help her pay for nutrients.

“Thank you Learning Revolution Trust for your support”.

George Hoang – 13 years – Ice Hockey Player (Guildford Junior Ice Hockey Club)

George is a very talented ice hockey player. He has already achieved much success in the U15 age group tournaments. He has represented the South West Conference regional select team and played for the England U13 National Team in Quebec Pee Wee Tournament in 2014.  George’s coach believes he has great potential in the sport and believes one day George could become the best in the UK.

There are a lot of costs associated with travelling to different parts of the country for training and George is often unable to keep up maximum training due to the lack of funding.

George trains before and after school in order to fit in his education which sees him arriving back home very late in the evening.

 Ice Skates and Ice Hockey Sticks are his biggest expense.

 The Learning Revolution Trust’s funding will help towards travel costs to tournaments, appropriate equipment and high quality nutrition required for peak performance.

 “I would like to say thank you so much to The Learning Revolution Trust for giving me this opportunity. Without your help and support, I would not be able to carry on being as involved in my sport as I want to be. You have given me hope and encouragement” 

 Shannon McNeil – 16 years - Athletics - Shannon could potentially be one of our best sprinters.  She lives in Basildon and travels to several different training venues including Newham, Tower Hamlets and Lea Valley three times a week.  She is dedicated to her sport. She won school districts from year 3 to year 10. She is also Essex and Eastern Champion in 60m and 200m indoors and outdoors.
She depends entirely on her mum to take her to training and for other expenses and her mum is finding it hard to support her.  As well as travel expenses, there are cost for clothing and footwear. She will also soon be introduced to strength and conditioning sessions.

The Learning Revolution Trust’s funding helped towards travel and other expenses associated with her sport.

“Thank you for this award. I appreciate all you have done and what you are doing for me. It is a big help to me especially with my training and travel costs.  Thanks again LRT for believing in me.”

Jaspreet Sagoo – Archery Jaspreet is 16 years old and lives in Newham. Jaspreet has competed in and won 40 competitions in her age group.  She has also competed in the London Youth Games and won the Essex Indoor Championship for the second time in March 2013. Jaspreet studies at Langdon School, Newham and last year was top in archery in her age group in the UK. Jaspreet is a very talented youngster but unfortunately her sport incurs vast costs in order to succeed.  To compete internationally she will encounter costs for archery equipment, travel and accommodation, outdoor training equipment for home practice and specialist coaching. Given the right opportunity and support Jaspreet can become the next best British Archer.

Vyan Sampson – Women’s Football Vyan is 16 years old and lives with her disabled mum. She has the ability to become one of the best women footballers in the UK.  She had her first England Under 15’s cap in 2012 where she played against Ireland. She was then selected to play in an England Under 19’s Team. She has been a player for Crystal Palace, Charlton and is now a member of the Arsenal Football Academy. She currently plays for the Arsenal junior ladies team. Vyan achieved 10 GCSE’s at grade A and qualified to attend Oaklands College, a specialist football college based in Hertfordshire. The LRT bursary will help towards the costs of the college, travel, equipment and training.

Helsham Weerasinghe – Table Tennis Helsham has been playing table tennis for a number of years. In 2012 he became England Number 1 Cadet as well as Master Champion. He attends Judd School and travels weekly to Newham to see his coach. Helsham has already been spotted as one of the potential future stars and he is set on competing in the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Helsham is currently ranked number 10 in England in the men’s table tennis section.  This season in England he is number 3 in the Junior Boys section.

Jahmal Germain – Athletics Decathlon Jahmal lives in Newham. He studied business and IT at Newham College. 2012 was Jahmal’s first decathlon year of competition. He competed in the Under 20’s and recorded his best performance ranking 5th in the UK in his age group.  Jahmal aims to compete in his first European competition in the European Under 23’s this year.  Training takes place 6 days per week in and out of Newham. He also travels to Lea valley to see the different specialised coaches. As well high travel costs Jahmal also has to find money for training gym fees and equipment. Warm weather training abroad also incurs huge costs including accommodation, travel to and from the stadium and competition costs. Jahmal’s sights are set on a medal at the Rio Olympics Games in 2016.

Andrei Catalin Iordache – 17 - Judo Andrei is a student and lives alone with his father. He trains 6 days a week and his coach thinks he shows great potential in his sport.   Andrei however is finding it a strain financially to continue with his sport and study. He undertakes odd jobs to help finance some of his training but cannot afford to buy the equipment necessary to be able to take part in competitions.  The LRT funding has helped towards travel costs and purchasing his competition suit.

Devon Douglas – Athletics Shot Put and Discus DevonDevon lives in Leyton and trains in Newham, Lea Valley and Brighton (where his coach is based).  His coach is Mike Wynch who is an ex British number one shotputter. Devon is ranked 16th in the UK. In 2010 he placed 3rd in the Aviva Under 23’s Championships for the discus and 3rd in the Senior South of England Championships in 2011. Devon tries to do part time work to fund his training and does not have a sponsor.  This season he is confident he can make his International debut for the country.

Alex Al Ameen – Athletics, HurdlesAlex was diagnosed with severe dyslexia from school age but has always been determined to become a top athlete. He studied at MiddlesexUniversity and graduated in Sport Science. Alex is currently ranked 4th in the UK seniors. He is fully committed to his training as well as trying to work part time to help support his training and athletics career. Last season Alex had a number of setbacks with injury but bounced back to make the Olympic national trials held in Birmingham. Alex finished 4th in the hurdles just missing out on the qualification for the London 2012 Games. This season Alex was also recommended to attend warm weather training with his group but without funding from LRT and support from TSFA this would not have been possible. Alex trains in Mile End, Lea Valley, and West London and lives on his own. He does not have a sponsor.

“I want to say a big thank you to the Learning Revolution Trust for helping me concentrate on my training which enabled me to get picked for the England team at the Loughborough International in May”

Eusebio Da Silva – Athletics Long Jump Eusebio lives in Forest Gate and trains at Newham and LeaValley.  He is currently at Middlesex University studying Business and IT. Eusebio has been training seriously for two years and has already achieved great success in the event in the Under 23’s age group. He is in the top 20 in the UK. He trains 7 times a week as well as doing other sports. Eusebio is a very focussed and determined athlete and given the opportunity he will become a champion in his sport. This season he too is hoping to take part in the U23 European championships and his sights are very much set on competing in the Rio Olympics in 2016. He self funds his studies and costs for training, competition and travel.

Tyra Nicole White – 12 - Junior Tennis  Tyra is 12 years old and lives in Newham. She is a talented youngster who works hard at school as well as her training. She has won several tennis tournaments in the age 9 and under age group and ten tournaments in the 10 and under age GROUP. Tyra has been selected on several occasions to represented EssexCounty and has just recently moved up to the age 12 and under age group where she is doing very well. She has already won two tournaments and is currently ranked 17th in Essex. During the winter season Tyra uses NewhamCollege to train with her TSFA Coach as there are no indoor facilities in Newham to accommodate tennis. Tyra is in need of a full time professional coach. The funding from LRT will help Tyra train more regularly with her coach and help her to reach the next level in her sport.

AmyAmy Marren – 15 - Paralympic Swimmer Amy is a very enthusiastic and talented swimmer. She was selected at the very young age of 14 to compete in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Amy was born in Newham. From birth she had her right hand missing. She has been swimming since the age of 4 and has never felt she could not achieve in her chosen sport. She now holds 3 British records, 2 European records and swims under Romford Swimming Club. Amy has high hopes for the Rio Olympics in 2016 and is confident she can win Olympic medals in several different disciplines.

“The LRT funding will help me tremendously. Knowing that I have the financial support to be able to purchase my swimming essentials and be able to compete in competitions where I often stay away for up to a week at a time is great.”

Rachel Shaw – 13 - Fencing Rachel is a talented young Fencer who lives in Newham and attends Lister Community School. She also trains at gymnastics and trampolining. Rachel is now competing at National level. In 2012 she won the Premier Foil Under 14 series for the second time and was part of the London Youth Games Team.  This season she has already won the Eastern region Under 14 competition and qualified for the National Fencing finals Sheffield in May 2013. In February 2013 she entered her first GB Cadet Under 17 competition and finished in the top 8. Costs are high and include basic fencing kit, working swords. As she moves into the Under 15 category she will require higher performance equipment, competition and travel expenses.

Holly Louise Thomas - AthleticsHolly is currently in her last year of sixth form and is studying Btec Sports and Exercise, Science and English Language. Because Holly is still studying she finds it hard to fund all the costs for her sport  including travel to and from training, travel to and from competition venues,  as well warm weather training. The bursary from the LRT will help her meet these costs and so help her progress in her athletics career. Her aim this year is to get to the European juniors. Her coach former hurdler Tony Jarrett feels she has the potential to do this. She will also incur physiotherapist and/or chiropractor costs which she just cannot afford.

“Athletics is such a huge and dominant part of my life and with the support from the LRT I believe I will be able to achieve my goals”.

Christopher LinqueChristopher Linque – 25 - Discus This athlete shows great promise and but struggles financially. He has to travel a great deal to train therefore incurring high costs. 2013/2014 has been his best winters training to date. He has the potential to be a member of the GB team and works with one of the best coaches in the country, John Hiller, and trains with some of the best throwers in the country. His goal this season and beyond is to throw constantly over 53m and to keep on improving to international level. The LRT funding helped towards travel and coaching equipment expenses.

Dominic Pope – 15 – 200m and 400m Dominic competed at the Chelmsford Open 19th April and is planning to compete again at the English Schools, Cambridge Open in July as well as the Bedford Games. He recently received an award for outstanding athletic performance. Dominic has so much potential but money is tight as he comes from a single parent family. His mum receives a very low income but tries very hard to assist him and never allows him to give up. Dominic has a great deal of determination to succeed. The Tessa Sanderson Foundation & Academy bought Dominic some equipment last year and assisted with travel but he as he now has a much wider training programme and is entering more competitions he really needs more financial help. The LRT funding helps towards his travel and equipment costs

Liam Archer - blind football Liam Archer is 17 years old and is a blind footballer who currently studies at Newham 6th Form College. He is studying a full time Level 3 BTEC in Sports Development, Coaching & Fitness during the daytime, and at the weekend he is pushing through the ranks of the England Blind Football talent pathway. He currently plays and trains with Middlesex Blind FC in the National League, and training takes place for this in Hendon twice a month. In addition he also trains as part of the England Blind Football Development Team, with the aim to progress into the senior England Team in time for the Rio 2016 Paralympic games. His coach has every confidence that he will be a future England player. As expected with this level of representation, training & development the travel costs are extensive, and have increased significantly as he has risen through the ranks. The LRT’s support

“The financial support from the LRT will help my family continue to support my training, development & representation all the way to Rio 2016!. Thank you.”

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