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Higher Education

Sep 08, 2017

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Kirsty* was in her first year of study. She did not receive any maintenance support because of her EU status – she is a Bulgarian national and had been resident in the UK for one year. She lives alone in a shared house working part time around her study. Her income was not enough to cover her living expenses and she was struggling with her rent and other household bills. The LRT helped to ease her financial situation and assist her in completing the first year of her study.

“Thank you to the LRT. The money really helped me as I was able to afford basic costs, travel to college and also to buy materials I needed for college.”

Josie* was in her first year of study of Counselling studies. She was living with her grandmother in Tower Hamlets. Her grandmother suffers from dementia and the Local Authority instructed that Josie and her eight year old daughter could no longer live with her due to health and safety regulations. This resulted in Josie becoming homeless and she was living with a friend. The LRT helped with the initial outlay of finding and settling into a new home enabling her to manage until her financial position stabilised.

Muna is in the final year of her combined Studies HE programme. She was originally due to finish her course in July 2016 but because of personal circumstances she had to extend until May 2017 and as such was not entitled to any student funding for the additional ten months. She needed financial assistance to help her with her living expenses.

“The bursary has helped me a great deal. I was really struggling financially and was not able to afford travel costs or to buy the books and study materials that I needed. Without this bursary I really believe I would not have been able to continue with my course. I am eternally grateful to the Learning Revolution Trust for taking away some of the financial pressure and in helping me to focus on completing my course. Thank you.”

Stefania Barbu  is studying Combined Studies. Whilst she has obtained funding for her first year tuition fees she has not been successful in obtaining any financial help for maintenance.

She lives with her sister and is actively looking for part time work to do around her study. She is struggling with funds for her day to day living, including her associated study expenses such as travel.  Her family are in Romania and are not able to offer any financial support.

The LRT bursary helps with the basic living costs.

Alisha* is studying Combined Studies and is not receiving any funding for maintenance.  She has two children to support and is struggling to make ends meet.

The LRT funding helps with basic needs such as travel, food and bills.

Rita is studying Level 4 Counselling.
Rita has many disabilities including mobility which affects her studies. She needed help with the funding for a DSA approved computer so she could complete her course work more easily.

“The LRT bursar helped me with the cost of my computer so I am able to complete my studies. I m very grateful”

Sade* is studying BA Counselling degree. She has no financial support and was struggling to pay for her fees as well as supporting her two children. She has gone back to studying after 16 years so that she can fulfil her dreams of becoming a counsellor.

“The Trust has helped me and my children in more ways than I can speak about. I enrolled on the counselling course in February 2016 and resigned from work believing I would be entitled to a student loan. My application, however, was rejected. Without the LRT’s support I would not have been able to continue studying. I have 2 children and it has been hard returning to full time study. I feel confident and happy knowing the financial burden has been eased. I can concentrate on making my family proud and in securing a better future for us all. Thank you for all your help.”

Lorraine is studying Business and Management Studies. Having separated from her husband she was facing severe financial difficulties. She tried to secure part-time work but this proved difficult to find around her study. She thought she would have to drop out of her studies to find full time work as she couldn’t cope. As she was in her last hear she really didn’t want to do this. The LRT helped by providing her with funds for her basic needs.

“The LRT bursary helped me to pay my rent during my financial challenges. Thank you”

Brenda* is studying BA in Counselling. She does not receive maintenance and although she has a part-time administrative job she is struggling to survive financially and pay bills. She is a single parent with two dependents aged 21 and 13 (the older child is not presently working)

“Thanks very much for the bursary. I would not been in a position to continue with my Degree if the LRT funding was not available.”

Peter is studying BA in Counselling. He is a father of two and the sole provider for his family. He was unable to obtain financial assistance from the SLC for 2015/2016 because of his previous study undertaken in Kenya. As such it was a struggle for him to pay for his fees as well as providing for his wife and two children. He worked hard to earn money leaving him less time to study.

“Thank you for the bursary. This help will enable me to concentrate more on my studies rather than just engaging with hard work for money”

Ivy* is studying BSC Counselling course and receives no funding for her tuition fees. She had to use her maintenance loan to pay her fees therefore leaving her with very little money. She works part-time as a receptionist but this not help cover the costs and she was struggling to cope with her everyday living expenses  as well as travel  to college.

“The bursary has helped me be able to travel to college as well as helping with other basic costs. Thank you”

Mary* is studying BSC Counselling course.  As she has studied previously she does not receive any funding from Student Finance ffor her tuition fees. She uses her maintenance loan towards her fees which leaves her very short for other costs. She also has a child still living at home to support. She is dyslexic and wants to show that she can obtain a degree despite her disability. She had a bad childhood and is striving for a better future. The LRT has helped by contributing towards her tuition fees.

“This bursary has helped me in furthering my education and given me the opportunity to have a more successful future. Thank you”

Ruth* is studying BA Business & Management degree. She is a single parent of two children. She received an unexpected debt from DWP which she could not afford to pay. This was causing her a great deal of worry and stress. The LRT helped by contributing towards this debt.

“I really appreciated the support from the LRT. Without this I would have had to face up to bailiffs knocking at my door! I was not excepting this debt at all as I thought it had been dealt with. As a single parent studying money is already very tight. “

Freya* is studying BA Counselling Studies. She receives financial support for maintenance but her tuition fees are not paid as she has studied previously. She had to abandon her previous course due to a family member’s illness. She is a single mum and wants to complete her studies to make a better life for her and her child. The LRT helps towards her tuition fee.

“The bursary has supported me enormously in enabling me to continue my studies until the end. Without the bursary, it would have been impossible for me to be able to continue my studies to completion. I am very grateful.”

Caleb* is in his final year of his HE programme. His financial situation was such that he was going to have to leave his course due to lack f funds. He could not afford the travel attend college. He found a part –time job but needed some financial assistance whilst he worked through the probation period.

“The LRT bursary assisted me at a time of great need whilst studying on a 3 yr Degree course at the NUC part of Newham College Stratford”

Angela Salmon is studying BA Counselling. She receives a maintenance loan but this does not cover her rent so she has to find the balance of this as well as paying for her tuition fees.  This leaves her short for general living costs.

 “The bursary helped towards my tuition fees as well as living expenses and enabling me to buy necessary books for my course. I would not have been able to manage without this bursary. Thank you LRT for your kind support”

Sally* is studying BA Counselling. As she is retaking some modules she does not receive finance for her tuition fees and also receives only part maintenance. She was borrowing money for her basic needs, food, travel and bills.

“The LRT bursary helped me to clear my outstanding student fee, which automatically allowed me to continue with my studies. I was also able to pay rent arrears and buy course materials.
Without the help of the LRT team I would not have been able to continue with my studies and would have no doubt had to leave the course. I will be forever grateful for the bursary because without it I wouldn’t have been in this fortunate position I am today”.

Hibo Qalib is studying Psychology.  She was unable to get her student finance in place last year and had to withdraw after one semester.  She then managed to get her student finance in place and returned to restart her degree. However she then discovered she owed half of her yearly tuition fee from the previous year and would not be able to continue unless this debt was paid. With no savings and a single parent working part-time she could not afford to pay the outstanding fee.

“The bursary helped give me a helping hand in a financial situation that made me almost want to give up. I felt like I wasn't alone because the bursary helped towards my debt which I am extremely grateful for.”

Carol* is studying BA (Hons) Business Management and does not receive funding from the Student Loan Company. She was struggling to cope with her rent and the costs of day to day living as well buying the necessary books and materials for her course.

“I would like to thank the LRT for my bursary. This has been so helpful. I was finding it a real struggle to cope with bills and other costs.  The support I am receiving from you has helped give me motivation and  will help enormously towards improving my life through study."

Angela* is studying for BA Hons Business & Management. As she has not been living in the UK for three years she is not entitled to a maintenance loan. She has used all her savings and her parents are on a very low income and so are unable to support her.  She recently lost her job and being a full time student it is difficult to find a new one. She is struggling to meet her rent and basic daily costs.

“The bursary has enabled me to continue with my studies as I can now pay most of my basic expenses. I would never have been able to come this far without the bursary".

Joan* is studying for a BA in Business and Management. She does not receive any financial support towards her tuition fees. She is paying her fees in monthly instalments. However as a single mum who can only work 16 hours a week due to studying and looking after her daughter money is tight. Once she has paid the instalment she has little or no money left and is struggling to make ends meet.  The Learning Revolution Trust bursary has helped towards her basic costs of living.

“The bursary has been very helpful to me. Thank you”.

Angela* is studying for a Counselling degree. She does not receive any financial assistance towards her tuition fees and has no financial support from her family. She has two dependants and struggles to meet the shortfall in her rent each month. She has recently become unemployed. The Learning Revolution Trust has helped by contributing towards her tuition fees and towards the costs of basic living. 

“The Learning Revolution Trust has been a great support to me. The award has helped towards paying my tuition fees so that I can complete my course. It has also helped me meet basic daily costs. I know I will now be able to fulfil my ambition in gaining my degree in Counselling.”

Mark* currently lives in council accommodation and has a 15 year old daughter. He is the first person in his immediate family to progress to Higher Education. He was unemployed for two years and found it increasingly difficult to find work. He enrolled on a BA/BSc (Hons) Counselling course to help him develop new skills to enhance his career prospects. Now that he is in full time education he no longer receives housing benefit. He has applied for a student loan but even with this he will struggle to pay the rent and meet basic living expenses. Without the additional support from the LRT Mark would struggle to continue with this degree which he is determined to achieve to turn his life around.

“The bursary has helped me by enabling me to buy books and ICT equipment for core readings and writing assignments. It has also helped with travel expenses enabling me to continue attending my course. If I had not received the bursary, I’m not sure how I would have coped, as I was struggling financially.”

Leanna* is a single mum with three children. She has previously studied at university but had to quit her course due to domestic violence and subsequently being relocated. Now she has settled back into the community and is in her second year of study. She is doing a BA in counselling studies. As she can only receive funding for one year she is self-funding the rest of the course. She has made many sacrifices to pursue her dreams of becoming a qualified counsellor. She is determined to complete her course and build a future for herself and her family after a turbulent couple of years.

Leanna is a committed and driven student who is progressing well. (Her tutor)

“I would like to thank the Learning Revolution Trust for helping to contribute to my fees. Without this help I wouldn’t be able to get through this year. With your support my life will change for the better and I will endeavour to carry on and complete a Masters, becoming a success story to inspire others to have faith and never give up.”

Jane* is studying for an English and Sociology degree. She receives funding but not enough to cover the year’s course fees. She lives with her parents and siblings. Her parents cannot help her with her fees as they are on low income. She cannot afford a laptop and so has to travel to university to complete coursework which can prove a struggle financially. The financial difficulties are proving stressful and could limit her ability to achieve to her full potential on both this course and beyond. She will use the bursary to help pay her fees as this is her biggest concern.

“The support from the Learning Revolution Trust will take the burden off and help alleviate stress so I can concentrate on my studies.”

Kate* is undertaking a BSC in counselling studies. She funded the first two years of the course herself and was led to believe from Student Finance England that she was eligible for funding of full loan and tuition fees in her final year.  She then discovered this was not the case and as such did not have enough funds to cover her final year and living costs. Katie has been achieving first grades in all modules on her course and would not have been able to complete the final year and continue her work placement to gain BACP accreditation without the help of the Learning Revolution Trust.

“The bursary has been a profound help to me. As a self-funding student balancing work and university commitments can be stressful. The bursary has contributed to my tuition fees easing much financial pressure which allows me to focus on my studies in the final year of my degree.”

Peter* is a 51 year old mature student currently studying BA (Hons) Business Management. He was made redundant in 2009 and has been engaged in entrepreneurial evening and day studies at Newham College in recent years. A bursary was one of the very few options he had left as his student finance went no way to cover the cost of living, travel to study and equipment requirements.  The bursary has enabled him to continue to attend classes.

Kesetseng* is in her final year of BSC Counseling. She had no funding from Student Finance for her tuition fees and no state benefits. She works part-time but was struggling to pay her fees. As she could not afford the fees she was unable to enroll for her final year. Having come so far she was desperate to carry on and complete her course.

“The bursary has helped pay towards my tuition fees. As I am struggling financially I can honestly say that the bursary has helped so much. I am very grateful because now I can carry on with my studies without having to worry about getting myself into more debt.”

Muna* is a mature student studying BA Hons Combined Studies (Education skills and English). Her aim is to become a teacher and she believes this course is paramount in achieving her dreams. Muna is not entitled to tuition fees or a maintenance grant. She has rent arrears and is struggling to afford the travel to college as well as basic living costs. As well as her financial difficulties, she is a carer dealing with long term illness in the family causing her more strain.

“The bursary has helped me in so many ways.  It has helped me pay my rent arrears and some university costs and as such has taken a lot of pressure off me. The worry about how I could pay for things had become very stressful and was affecting my studies. I am not sure if I would have been able to continue with my course if I had not received financial assistance from the Learning Revolution Trust. I really appreciate that there is funding like the Learning Revolution Trust available to help people like myself.”

Jill* is a carer for her terminally ill husband. She is studying Cert Ed P.G.C.E so she can gain a qualification to help prepare for her return to work. Studying has given her a focus and purpose other than being a carer.

“I really feel that this bursary has enabled me in achieving my future goals, and taken me away from my home situation and given me purpose, which has already had great emotional benefits for me.”

Susan*is currently studying Bsc Counselling. She has to travel some distance to college so incurs high costs. This was proving a struggle financially for her. She will use the LRT bursary to help cover travel costs as well as buying the necessary books and other resources required for her course.

"The money from the Learning Revolution Trust will help me greatly towards travel expenses and other items that are needed for my course which I would otherwise struggle to afford”

Aza Zaheer is studying a BA in Combined Studies. She does not receive any Student Finance because she previously receiced funding but has had to retake a module. She has learning difficulties and health issues.

"The Learning Revolution Trust’s support has helped replace my worries with happiness.”

Micheala Jacobs receives some funding from Student Finance for her tuition fees but not for maintenance. Once she has paid her rent she has very little money left. She has a disabled daughter and is struggling to make ends meet. She finds it difficult to find the money to travel to college and has had to borrow off friends. She has no family support.

"The Learning Revolution Trust has helped me stay on top of my household bills as well as with my travel costs to College. This will enable me to complete my modules.  I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support of the Learning Revolution Trust”

 Ruth* is studying BA Business and Management. She receives some student finance but her maintenance loan was unexpectedly reduced and she is struggling with high rental costs due to paying bedroom tax.  She is a single mum to two young children and is  under a lot of financial pressure.

"Thank you for helping me. The funding helps me with my rent easing the financial burden.”


Greta* is studying BA in Counselling. She is not eligible for student finance towards her tuition fees due to having had financial support previously.  She is a returning to a level 6 course hoping to top up her previous foundation degree to a full degree in Counselling. She works part-time and has three children to support who all live at home. The youngest requires childcare so she can work and go to college. The cost of living is high and there have been days where she has not been able to attend college due to financial hardship.

"This bursary will enable me to fulfil my dream of gaining a Degree in Counselling.  The financial assistance will enable me to travel to college, buy the material I need and pay for some of my tuition fees.  This assistance has given me the motivation I need to continue with my studies because I was beginning to feel discouraged.”

*Name changed to protect identity

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