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Case Studies

Hardship Award

Hardship Award featured image

Ernice is studying business management. He was finding it hard to support himself financially whilst in full-time… continue reading >>

Higher Education

Higher Education featured image

Stefania Barbu is studying Combined Studies. Whilst she has obtained funding for her first year tuition fees she… continue reading >>

Further Education

Further Education featured image

Shannon* is studying a CELTA course and so cannot claim learner support assistance. continue reading >>

16-18 year old students

16-18 year old students featured image

Elisa* is studying Humanities, Level 1. She is experiencing a lot of financial hardship as she does not receive… continue reading >>

LRT supports local Athletes

LRT supports local Athletes featured image

Aisa Kajouk - 17 years old - Gymnastics Aisa has lived in Newham for 3 years. She studies at Newham College… continue reading >>

Anwen Greenway

Anwen Greenway featured image

Anwen Greenaway is studying tailoring on Newham College‚Äôs Bespoke Tailoring Pre-Apprentice course with the support… continue reading >>

Young Athletes Funded by the LRT

Young Athletes Funded by the LRT featured image

Here are some of the talented Young Athletes guided under the Tessa Sanderson Foundation & Academy who are being… continue reading >>

Young Learners in Care and Care Leavers

Young Learners in Care and Care Leavers featured image

Within Newham there are approximately 150 potential learners in care or leaving care between the ages of 16-18.… continue reading >>

What is the LRT?

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The Learning Revolution Trust is a charity that aims to remove the financial barriers to education faced by many people in East London.

Your donation will help ensure that people get the opportunity to access further education, no matter what financial barriers they face.

You can donate to the Learning Revolution Trust by clicking here, or via the Just Giving button below.

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