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About Us


We Are The Learning Revolution Trust

Our mission is to make further education accessible to all young people in East London, no matter what their background or family circumstances.

It’s a fact: education improves young people’s life chances and is a gateway to social mobility. East London is one of the most vibrant and diverse areas in the country and has produced countless talented and successful people. At the same time however, poverty and social deprivation prevents many east Londoners from accessing educational opportunities. To break the cycle of underachievement and poverty, those from disadvantaged backgrounds need to have fair access to further education to achieve their aspirations and reach their full potential. Established by Newham College of Further Education, The Learning Revolution Trust supports disadvantaged students in East London by removing the financial and social barriers to education. In this way, it is creating a culture of ambition, opportunity and learning.

"The money from LRT has helped me a lot, especially when it comes to food and travel." (Student at Newham College of Further Education)
“Without the financial help from LRT my day to day life would be a struggle.” (Student at Newham College of Further Education)

Our primary groups are described below:

What is the LRT?

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The Learning Revolution Trust is a charity that aims to remove the financial barriers to education faced by many people in East London.

Your donation will help ensure that people get the opportunity to access further education, no matter what financial barriers they face.

You can donate to the Learning Revolution Trust by clicking here, or via the Just Giving button below.

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